2013 Toyota 4Runner

One, two years ago, after Toyota models on the restructuring, you can see a big change for 2013 Toyota 4Runner. Long-winged, and the major technological changes and improvements as a focal point for Toyota next season, re-design, the dominant view. Last 4runner vehicle, auto show have been pure-bred, but a surprise, as the possibility of a new view of something. Users close to the end of summer, you need to see in showrooms in 2012.

Q SR5 Trail and return in 2013, now offers a limited number of additions and a total of 270 horses 4.0LV-6 engine. Drivers long 4runner adventure "better than expected in a small off-road game, and less visible in the street, he said. Suspension system and recent changes in the pre-treatment than their expected 2013 4runner.

Toyota 4Runner, a large, 188-centimeter-long, 74 inches wide and 68 inches high. Toyota 4Runner V6 and an extremely good acceleration performance for 2013 to provide more power than last year's engine. And a V8 is also available for the 4Runner for the first time. An option for all models, V8, fully loaded V6 provides better acceleration, but you will not have a lot do not intend to pull.

2013 Toyota 4Runner Release Date

2013 Toyota 4Runner is expected to make its appearance in the showrooms by early 2012..

2013 Toyota 4Runner
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